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  • Business Line: (210) 821-6325
  • Help Line: 24 hours a day: (210) 828-6235
 If you need to reach out to someone during this time, you may call the AA Hotline 210-828-6235 and will be connected to help.  
If you create a zoom meeting, please see these important guidelines. Anonymity & Suggested Default Zoom Settings
COVID-19: San Antonio groups who have reported closing may be found HERE. If yours is not yet listed, email csosa1285@att.net so we may update on this page and The Meeting App.

It is critical for the hand of AA to be there. We are getting many calls for local San Antoino online meetings. Please send links to your online meetings to csosa1285@att.net to be included below. 

How to create an online meeting Options for Meeting Online which includes anonymity settings. From GSO: By attending digital meetings, groups can focus on A.A.’s primary purpose: to carry its message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. Many groups have alerted local A.A. offices or hotlines if they are temporarily not meeting in their regular space. Some groups have shared that they are utilizing digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or conducting conference calls.  

**Please remember the 7th Tradition and continue to support your home groups, your local InterService or Central Office, and GSO. Contributions may be down if we are no longer attending face-to-face meetings but they still have expenses and perform vital services for our Fellowship. Some people are keeping a jar and putting $$ in for every online meeting they attend.  Then will donate to their home group when this is over. To contribute to your San Antonio Central Service Office, see donation button on the right of the page. 

Virtual Meetings Local and Outside of San Antonio


AA Event Calendar

Treatment Facility Committee Meeting (San Antonio Interdistrict Committee)

San Antonio Interdistrict Meeting - Monthly

Grapevine Committee Meeting (San Antonio Interdistrict Committee)

San Antonio Archives Committee Meeting (monthly) 6:15pm

Calendar For The Month of October - San Antonio and Surrounding AA Groups-Printable

Correctional Facilities Committee (CFC) Meeting & CFC Conference Meeting

Communications Committee Meeting - San Antonio Interdistrict

District 16 - monthly meeting

District 17 - monthly meeting

District 1A - monthly meeting

Schertz-Cibolo Group Anniversary

Weekend in SA with AA - 2017 - San Antonio AND Golf Tournament AND Art Auction with Side events both days

National Corrections Conference 2017

CSOR - Central Service Office Represenative Orientation - San Antonio - Dec 5th

Acceptance Anniversary 2016

Thanksgiving Day Get Together - at Serendipity Group - San Antonio

Open House at CSO and Archives 50's in San Antonio

Serendipity Group Anniversary

Correctional Facilities Conference - 2017 - February 3rd

Saturday in SA with AA - A One Day Event - FEBRUARY 25TH

San Antonio Archives Committee Meeting - 1st Thursday of month

Attraction vs Promotion Program - March 18th

Family Fun Fair - Saturday April 1st. 2017

Spring Swing - Golf Tournament - Family Fun Fair Event

City-Wide Picnic - San Antonio Interdistrict Sponsored 2017

Walk Thru Time - program by San Antonio Archives

Grapevine & LaVina Writing Workshop - April 29th

Spring Branch Group Picnic - May 6th

Texas State Convention - 71st Annual AA Convention

District 18 Workshop - May 20th - The Group

Womens Big Book Anniversary

Southwest Regional Forum - San Antonio

New CSOR and Board Orientaiton - Central Service Office

Lefty's Legacy Picture Party - Archives event - San Antonio

Central Service Office Open House - Archives Presentation

Southwest Texas Area 68 Summer Workshop - Castroville

Southwest Texas Area 68 PI/CPC Workshop-Agenda attached

Southwest Texas Area 68 General Assembly - Seguin

Lambda Group 39th Anniversary

Sab Antonio Round Up 2017

Treatment Facilities Workshoo-June 25 2017

Women's Big Book 25th Anniversary - San Antonio

AA Service & Spirituality Workshop - San Antonio

Women's Big Book 25th Anniversary

Hill Country Round Up 2017 - Kerrville

64th Annual Coastal Bend Jamboree - Corpus Christi

Goliad Sobriety Fest 2017

Chicago Group 5th Anniversary - San Antonio

Attraction vs Promotion - PI/CPC Workshop - San Antonio

Young & Golden Group - 24th Anniversary

What's Happening - August 3 2017 - Handout

Windcrest Group 1st Annual Birthday Party

Southwest Regional Forum - San Antonio - October

Winner's Club Anniversary

Goliad Group 53rd Anniversary

Serendipity Group Anniversary

Talent Show - Weekend in SA - Early Review - Hosted by Highlands Group

Art at the Weekend in SA - November 3rd & 4th

Calendar - November 2017 (Printable)

A Day and Evening of Gratitude -iOPEN HOUSE & Program December 4th

New Years Eves Events - City Wide - San Antonio

Calendar SAN ANTONIO December 2018

Walzem Road Group Christmas Dinner and Speaker Meeting

Round Table - Secretary & Treasuer - Lets Talk - San Antonio

Sober Over Sixty Group 1st Anniversary - San Antonio

Secretary & Treasurer Round Table Session - San Antonio

New Years Events at Club Twelve

What's Happening _ January 2018

Broadway Group Anniversary

Whats Happening - February 2018

San Antonio Archives City-Wide Pot Luck Dinner & Archives Event

Whats Happening in San Antonio April 2018

Ciity Wide Picnic - San Antonio InterDistrict

Delegates Report - presented by District 16

Club 12th 69th Anniversary

San Antonio Interdistrict Workshop

It's a Party! Central Service Office celebrates A.A. Birthday and Grapevine's Birthday - June 4th thru 8th

Woman's Big Book Group 26th Annivesary - July 11th

Chicago Group 6th. Anniversary

Goliad Group Sobriety Fest - San Antonio

Southwest Texas Area 68 Summer Workshop 2018

What's Happening July 2018

Capital of Texas Conference - Austin Texas August 10th

Weekend in SA 2018-Before the Conference - Information for you and your group

The Bulverde Group 33rd Anniversary BBQ

San Antonio Archives Group History Project

Kriby Group 29th Anniversary - October 27

Coastal Bend Jamboree Jan 2019

Day in Recovery September 15th 2018

Grapevine & LaVina Writing Workshop - October 13th

Most Agnostic 4th Anniversary - October 6th

Goliad Group 54th Anniversary - October 20th

Goliad Group Thanksgiving Event 2018

Calendar November (city-wide) 2018

Stall Road Group Quarterly Speaker - Pot Luck Meeting

CSOR - Central Service Office Representatives Monthly Meeting - at 6pm

Orientation for CSOR and Board of Trustees-San Antonio

Acceptance Group Anniversary 2019

Club 12 New Years Eve 2018 Celebration

Broadway Group 46th Anniversary Celebration

Grapevine Workship February 2019

Grapevine-Speaking From The Heart Party

Highlands Group Anniversary February 9th

Sisters In Sobriety Group 12 Year Anniversary

City Wide Calendar January 2019

Acceptance Group Anniversary

Valentine Dance at Goliad

Family Fun Fair - May 18th 2019 - San Pedro Park

Weekend in SA 2019 - November 9th 2019 - Joe Freeman Coliseum

Club 12 70th Anniversary August 2019

National AA Technology Workshop 2019

National AA Technology Workshop 2019

Goliad Vanentine Dance - February 9th

Goliad Group Valentine Dance & Speaker Event - February 9th

Leon Springs Group 1st Anniversary

City Wide Calendar February 2019

Grapevine Spring Writing Workshop April 2019

Family Fun Fair - May 18th 2019 - San Pedro Park

Grapevine Spring Writing Workshop

Grapevine 75th Anniversary Jamboree

Service Manual Study Meeting

Southwest Texas Area Fall Voting Conference and Assembly

Broadway Group 10th Anniversary

AA Grapevine's Jubilee Anniversary

Pitiful and Incomprehensible Karaoke

Service Manual Study Meeting

Summer Swing-Club 12 Golf Benefit

San Antonio Inter Service Workshop

Goliad Spaghetti & Meatball dinner

Aniversario De Grupo Volver A Vivir

Saturday Night Live 6 Year Anniversary

Central Service Office CSOR Orientation

The Acceptance Group's 25th Anniversary

Stahl Road Group Eating-Speaker Meeting

Annual Walzem Road Group Christmas Dinner

Turning Point Group Anniversary

The Acceptance Group 25th Avviversary