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AA Event Calendar

Treatment Facility Committee Meeting (San Antonio Interdistrict Committee)

San Antonio Interdistrict Meeting - Monthly

Grapevine Committee Meeting (San Antonio Interdistrict Committee)

San Antonio Archives Committee Meeting (monthly) 6:15pm

Calendar For The Month of October - San Antonio and Surrounding AA Groups-Printable

Correctional Facilities Committee (CFC) Meeting & CFC Conference Meeting

Communications Committee Meeting - San Antonio Interdistrict

District 16 - monthly meeting

District 17 - monthly meeting

District 1A - monthly meeting

Schertz-Cibolo Group Anniversary

Weekend in SA with AA - 2017 - San Antonio AND Golf Tournament AND Art Auction with Side events both days

National Corrections Conference 2017

CSOR - Central Service Office Represenative Orientation - San Antonio - Dec 5th

Acceptance Anniversary 2016

Thanksgiving Day Get Together - at Serendipity Group - San Antonio

Open House at CSO and Archives 50's in San Antonio

Serendipity Group Anniversary

Correctional Facilities Conference - 2017 - February 3rd

Saturday in SA with AA - A One Day Event - FEBRUARY 25TH

San Antonio Archives Committee Meeting - 1st Thursday of month

Attraction vs Promotion Program - March 18th

Family Fun Fair - Saturday April 1st. 2017

Spring Swing - Golf Tournament - Family Fun Fair Event

City-Wide Picnic - San Antonio Interdistrict Sponsored 2017

Walk Thru Time - program by San Antonio Archives

Grapevine & LaVina Writing Workshop - April 29th

Spring Branch Group Picnic - May 6th

Texas State Convention - 71st Annual AA Convention

District 18 Workshop - May 20th - The Group

Womens Big Book Anniversary

Southwest Regional Forum - San Antonio

New CSOR and Board Orientaiton - Central Service Office

Lefty's Legacy Picture Party - Archives event - San Antonio

Central Service Office Open House - Archives Presentation

Southwest Texas Area 68 Summer Workshop - Castroville

Southwest Texas Area 68 PI/CPC Workshop-Agenda attached

Southwest Texas Area 68 General Assembly - Seguin

Lambda Group 39th Anniversary

Sab Antonio Round Up 2017

Treatment Facilities Workshoo-June 25 2017

Women's Big Book 25th Anniversary - San Antonio

AA Service & Spirituality Workshop - San Antonio

Women's Big Book 25th Anniversary

Hill Country Round Up 2017 - Kerrville

64th Annual Coastal Bend Jamboree - Corpus Christi

Goliad Sobriety Fest 2017

Chicago Group 5th Anniversary - San Antonio

Attraction vs Promotion - PI/CPC Workshop - San Antonio

Young & Golden Group - 24th Anniversary

What's Happening - August 3 2017 - Handout

Windcrest Group 1st Annual Birthday Party

Southwest Regional Forum - San Antonio - October

Winner's Club Anniversary

Goliad Group 53rd Anniversary

Serendipity Group Anniversary

Talent Show - Weekend in SA - Early Review - Hosted by Highlands Group

Art at the Weekend in SA - November 3rd & 4th

Calendar - November 2017 (Printable)

A Day and Evening of Gratitude -iOPEN HOUSE & Program December 4th

New Years Eves Events - City Wide - San Antonio

Calendar SAN ANTONIO December 2018

Walzem Road Group Christmas Dinner and Speaker Meeting

Round Table - Secretary & Treasuer - Lets Talk - San Antonio

Sober Over Sixty Group 1st Anniversary - San Antonio

Secretary & Treasurer Round Table Session - San Antonio

New Years Events at Club Twelve

What's Happening _ January 2018

Broadway Group Anniversary

Whats Happening - February 2018

San Antonio Archives City-Wide Pot Luck Dinner & Archives Event

Whats Happening in San Antonio April 2018

Ciity Wide Picnic - San Antonio InterDistrict

Delegates Report - presented by District 16

Club 12th 69th Anniversary

San Antonio Interdistrict Workshop

It's a Party! Central Service Office celebrates A.A. Birthday and Grapevine's Birthday - June 4th thru 8th

Woman's Big Book Group 26th Annivesary - July 11th

Chicago Group 6th. Anniversary

Goliad Group Sobriety Fest - San Antonio

Southwest Texas Area 68 Summer Workshop 2018

What's Happening July 2018

Capital of Texas Conference - Austin Texas August 10th

Weekend in SA 2018-Before the Conference - Information for you and your group

The Bulverde Group 33rd Anniversary BBQ

San Antonio Archives Group History Project

Kriby Group 29th Anniversary - October 27

Coastal Bend Jamboree Jan 2019

Day in Recovery September 15th 2018

Grapevine & LaVina Writing Workshop - October 13th

Most Agnostic 4th Anniversary - October 6th

Goliad Group 54th Anniversary - October 20th

Goliad Group Thanksgiving Event 2018

Calendar November (city-wide) 2018

Stall Road Group Quarterly Speaker - Pot Luck Meeting

CSOR - Central Service Office Representatives Monthly Meeting - at 6pm

Orientation for CSOR and Board of Trustees-San Antonio

Acceptance Group Anniversary 2019

Club 12 New Years Eve 2018 Celebration

Broadway Group 46th Anniversary Celebration

Grapevine Workship February 2019

Grapevine-Speaking From The Heart Party

Highlands Group Anniversary February 9th

Sisters In Sobriety Group 12 Year Anniversary

City Wide Calendar January 2019

Acceptance Group Anniversary